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Preachers aren't called to a trivial work; they are called to herald God's Words. That calling comes with wonderful blessings for the faithful but severe consequences to those who neglect it. Today we learn what God has to say about it.

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Spirit and Truth

How does God desire to be worshipped? Does He have a framework in Scripture to guide us? Or do we have the freedom to define it however we like? Check out the blog to find out more!

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The Church Is Not Sufficient

The worst of all outcomes is that many ministries have made the pathway to hell so comfortable so that sinners never sense a need to turn away from that awful road and onto the narrow way.

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The Reorientation of Praise

We were made to praise God, but the default mode of our hearts is to find satisfaction in ourselves. We turn praise of God inward upon ourselves and it is ruining us! Check out today's blog on how Christ heals us from diordered praise.

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