Invest In Something Infinite

In 1983, John Scully was the President of Pepsi. He had poured his life into that company and built it into one of the most iconic brands in all of America. By all accounts, he was on top of the world. But, in 1983, his life would dramatically change with a few simple words. Insert Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs was the genius upstart entrepreneur who founded Apple. He had a brand new company and visionary ideas. But, he was untested, unproven, and frankly a little unstable. Yet, in 1983, he delivered one of the greatest sales pitches ever recorded. When courting John Scully to leave Pepsi and come to Apple, this is what Job’s said:

“John, do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?” - Steve Jobs

That proposal did it for him. At that moment, John Scully left everything he had built to go out and change the world.

I appreciate this story because it so perfectly articulates how frivolous it would be to build a life on sugar water. But I also hate this story, because the alternative that Job’s suggests is no better. To build a life on gadgets and tech would be equally dreadful. It has been. We are no better in the Steve Job’s era than we were in the Pepsi era. Any objective person can see this.

All you have to do is look at the world around us. No one is happy. People are polarized and angry at one another. Law and order are eroding and the fabric of our society is literally falling apart.

With that, I believe it is time for a new pitch.

If you really want to change the world, stop investing in the limited and start investing in the infinite. Invest in a faithful church. Invest in a church that believes the Gospel and preaches is like their lives depend on it. Invest in a church that understands the disease of sin and liberally offers Christ as the only cure. Invest in a church that does not bend it’s knee to the world and culture but stands on the eternal and immutable truth of God!

How can you invest in this? I offer you three ways.

1. Invest Your Time

One of the best ways to change the world is to give your time to a local and faithful church. To be there when the doors open. To serve and find ways to help that church accomplish its mission. To listen intently to the sermon and to walk away chewing on the truth throughout the week. To simply be present and active in the community will do more to change the world than anything else you could ever give your life to.

We do not need to invest in sugar water, gadgets, politics or anything else. We can invest our time into the only organization that will last into eternity, the Church of Jesus Christ.

2. Invest Your Talents

Maybe no one has ever told you, but God has uniquely designed you. He gave you all of the skills, likes, dislikes, interests, personality, and talents that you now possess. And if you are a Christian, He has uniquely gifted you, by the power of His Spirit, to use those gifts and talents to serve Him. We are not called to build our castles in the sand, we are called to build His eternal Kingdom. A Kingdom that will bring peace, hope, grace, and rest back to this broken world.

Why would we invest our time or talents into anything else?

3. Invest Your Treasures

One of the key principles of financial investments is the desire to make a return. No one wants to invest in a loss. We want to know that our money will grow and multiply into something more.

Well, what better thing could we possibly invest in than the Kingdom of God? Every life that hears the Gospel and responds in faith bears an infinite return. Every incremental advancement someone has in spiritual maturity will pay dividends forever. And think about it this way, as a faithful church preaches the Gospel, hundreds of people grow in grace, and are sent out (Monday through Saturday) into the community as missionaries that will help bring healing to this land.

What other organization can boast that? What other organization has that kind of return? What group has that kind of truth that can set us all free? And what other organization is backed by and empowered by the Living God? The simple answer is no one.

Only Jesus’ Church can bring healing to this world. Now is the time to abandon our other investments and to begin investing in something infinite. 

If you do not have a local church and you are in the Merrimack Valley, come check out The Shepherd's Church! We are a Gospel-centered, Bible proclaiming, young church plant that is trying to reach our region with the hope of the Gospel. If you feel led to invest in our ministry the three ways above are the best ways. For financial investments, all you have to do is go to our giving page located on our website.